Welcome to TJM Innovations, LLC

Here at TJM Innovations, LLC our goal is innovation. We design and develop products that make the consumer's life easier and less stressful without making a huge impact on the environment.

With great products like GutterStuff, a foam filter insert for the gutters that eliminates the need to clean them, CobZorb, an eco-friendly biodegradable absorbent solution for paints and cooking oils, Roof Drain Foam Filter, a foam filter insert for commercial roof drains, and Bandshell iPhone Case, a durable, dual purpose iPhone case that easily amplifies the sound quality anywhere, it is no wonder that we are helping the world!

4 reasons why to choose our products:

In the News

TJM Innovations makes environmentally-friendly products
By Dan Shafer
Published: April 14. 2014

Milwaukee-based TJM Innovations LLC is anticipating a strong 2014 as it continues to make important strides in its business...[Read More]

New York Times - Dining & Wine
To Soak Up the Grease and Toss
By Florence Fabricant
Published: June 29, 2010

CobZorb, a grainy, biodegradable new product made from corn, soaks up frying oil for disposal...[Read More]

Today Show - Home & Garden
Fix up your home for fall, winter and spring
By Lou Manfredini
Published: October 8, 2008

One of the best ways to stay safe as it pertains to cleaning your gutters is to not have to clean them at all. ...[Read More]